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01.02.2006 Anti-spam measure improved?
The static code did not prevent the guestbook spamming. Inserted graphic and dynamic code. Hopefully, this works better...


28.12.2005 Anti-spam measure taken
Due to massive guestbook-spamming, entering a code is required if you want to add a guestbook entry. Until now, only a static code is used. If the guestbook-spammers get better, I will change this into some neat graphic thingy... but for now this should suffice (I hope).


7.12.2005 PHP Array-Search solution inserted
A reader sent in the solution for the array-problem using the '!==' operator and I inserted it. Additionally, I changed the display of code to alignment=left.


14.03.2005 New project: Debian GNU/Linux on the IBM Thinkpad R50
After some time spent to configure my Debian GNU/Linux on my IBM Thinkpad R50, here is some of what I did to help every one who has the same questions.


22.07.2003 New Project: Tips and Tricks
Added a new Project: Tips and Tricks
Currently only one tip on an error with the NTFS-filesystem (check Microsoft support: Troubleshooting Stop 0x24 or NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM Error Messages).
    + 29.07.2003: Finally added image for Tips&Tricks.


17.07.2003 Added Relations
Added Relations that e.g. Opera 7.x+ displays as buttons on top for fast access.


13.11.2002 Counter - tiny Bugfix
The Counter separated thousands with ",". Fixed.


08.12.2001 Guestbook
Totally rewrote the Guestbook. Until now I used a script that I had taken from a Script Resource (don't remember which one) and adapted to my needs.
A little time ago, I found out, it was buggy, did not display the right entries, the "next" link did not really work, too. So, I had the choice to fix it or make it a real guestbook :)
If you find any bugs in the (my) new guestbook, please contact me. Tnx.


06.12.2001 News for PHP Curiosities
The news for the PHP Curiosities can now be found in the section itself, no longer here in the general news.
go there


28.11.2001 PHP-empty(): Annotation about the PHP manual
Added an annotation for the PHP-empty() problem as I was told to check the manual first.
go there


21.11.2001 PHP Curiosities
Finished the PHP-curiosities, now 4 different strange things are shown.
Minor bugfixes.


05.11.2001 More Links - Linux Links
I added some Linux Links. More to come...


05.11.2001 New Project: PHP-Stuff
I began a new Project about the language PHP (which I also use for my site).
It is a collection about curiosities of PHP which I find very disturbing and annoying.


Here's the news archive.

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